Accessibility to TAG Heuer’s HR site: presentation of available help

TAG Heuer’s Human Resources site is accessible to all web-users, including the disabled. It respects many AccessiWeb Bronze and Silver criteria.

This website offers numerous features that make browsing easy, such as :

  • text alternatives
  • jump links
  • page personalization
  • browsing help

This page also presents a list of acronyms and abbreviations used on the website and download links for the software needed to view certain information.

Text alternatives

Pictures, animations and videos all have a text alternative to allow users with specialized tools (e.g. with voice synthesis) to access their information.

Page personalization

All the default colors used on the website respect minimum contrast levels required for the Silver level, for improved legibility.

When the website was designed, content was separated from formatting elements, so that users can personalize the display as required. For example, users can :

Change the font size

If the website is accessible, the browser’s functions modifying font size will work. In Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, click on the “View” menu (at the top of the screen), then select “Text size” and choose the desired font size.

Delete formatting elements (deactivate style guides)

To delete the decoration styles (colors, styles, font sizes, etc.) :

  • in Internet Explorer: click on the “Tools” menu, then “Internet Options”. In the dialogue box, select the “General” tab and click on “Accessibility”. Check the first two boxes (“Ignore colors specified on web pages” and “Ignore font styles specified on web pages”) then click on OK.
  • in Mozilla Firefox: click on the “View” menu at the top of the window, click on “Page style” and choose “No style”.

Browsing aids

Return to home page

In the top left-hand corner of each page of the site, the TAG Heuer logo returns you to the home page.

Breadcrumb trail

On the top of each page, the breadcrumb trail shows you where you are in the site.

Site map

The site map gives you an overview of all the items and sub-items on the website. A link to the site map is located on the bottom of each page.

Quick access links to content

At the top of the page, the “Aller à la navigation” (Go to Browse) and “Aller au contenu” (Go to Content) links give you access directly to these zones. These links improve browsing, especially for people who use only a keyboard.

Browsing from title to title

The website’s pages are structured with titles and subtitles. This lets people using voice synthesis to read the page’s table of contents.

Keyboard-only browsing (without a mouse)

To browse using only a keyboard, press the “up” and “down” arrows to move the scroll box, use the tab to move from link to link and hit “Enter” to activate the link you are on.

List of abbreviations and acronyms used on the website

Techniques d'Avant-Garde
Human Resources
Louis Vuitton - Moët Hennessy

Tools to be downloaded to view certain content

You need to install plug-ins on your computer to display content in PDF and Flash formats. If you do not have these plug-ins, you can download them for free from the following links :

Accessibility and TAG Heuer’s commitment to accessibility.

At LVMH, we understand that the ability to spark dreams and pleasure in no way exonerates us from our responsibility to act as an exemplary corporate citizen. We have a duty to ensure that our practices comply with the highest standards of integrity, responsibility and respect for each individual. When it comes to social responsibility, the Group’s Human Resources Division has developed initiatives that aim to fight against all forms of discrimination and promote equal opportunities.

Just as our stores are accessible to all our customers, we strive to guarantee that each individual, no matter what their disability, has access to electronic information about both our products and job opportunities.